Accounting Outsourcing Services

Our expert team provides solutions to your traditional accounting functions and handles entire accounting tasks for your business such as managing books of accountants, maintaining account payables and receivables, preparing financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and reports on general ledger.

Outsourced accounting gives access to our expertise which helps the clients in improving productivity, reducing operational costs, higher accountability and turnaround time.


Our Team works with all commonly-used software and with a little bit of training, we can work with the uncommon ones too.

Credit Rating Advisory

Credit rating is an exercise to assess future cash generation capability and their adequacy to meet debt obligations in the future. The analysis therefore attempts to determine the fundamentals of the business and the probabilities of change in these fundamentals, which could affect the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Our team assesses the entire business profile based on operational and financial characteristics, prepares entity specific synopsis, approaching rating agencies having more exposure for client product knowledge and obtain the company eligible rating grade.

Appropriate rating helps company turn rating expense into investment by getting benefits such as reduction in interest rates, better sanction terms, high valuation, improvement of corporate image, better negotiation power, improved market visibility amongst customers and creditors/vendors etc.

Financial Services

Finance is the key ingredient in the recipe of any business growth and managing the same is an art. Working capital has become very necessary for any business to grow beyond its limits. There are various options for solving the financial requirements like Working capital loans, Business loans, Personal loans, Property loans, Machinery loans, Term loans, Project finance depending upon the end use.

Our Team will provide an expert consultancy service and guide you in availing cost effective loans within a short duration from reliable sources at low interest rates. Being professionals and having experience of working with a finance company, we have better financial and technical understanding. Our Team will guide you developing cost benefit analysis and maintaining a balance between the business cash flows and interest servings.

Our team has working experience and knowledge in the field of finance which helps in getting affordable interest rate and processing fees, minimal and hassle free documentation and multiple source options across Banks and NBFCs.

Tax Advisory & Compliance

We provide specialized assistance in Tax Planning for a minimum payment of tax under various heads of income, be it salary, property income and business/professional income. We advice and consult in Income Tax returns filing along with services of the entire assessment proceedings.